“the times doesn’t change at all, it’s the same atmosphere and scene around. I dare to say the only thing that keeps running around it’s only me and my temper that warms up and cools down.There’s some strawberry that needs to be picked up, there are soils in urge to be explored, eyes connection to be made and moodies to be intensified  or pacified.”


but that doesn’t really matter
it doesn’t serve for any of those moody moods,
replaced by the looks that affects your own self,
because after all those scenes;
my arms are still warmly involved around yourself.

(sadly, those are the last vivid fragments of sensations and
emotions that I held inside of me without permission)


 LOCKED inside those big walls with little breathing holes
that makes our heart pounding fast and faster while you eat
me up faceless.
Going on those metal woods
through a gloomy pathway
that leads to a cold giant pool of nothingness; not allowed to
get in.
Held me your hand
Hold me tight
Put me out of this dreadful cold.

Help yourself. You are only soaked, alone in this vast room with that
shadowy faceless figure that stands for nothing but liberty.


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