Sick upon the staircase
Blood upon the pillow
Climb into the parapet
See the church bells gleaming
Knife that scrapes a sick plate
Dentures full of air holes
The tailor couldn’t mend straight
Shoot her full of air holes
Climbing up the casket
Take me to the casket
Teeth upon her red throat
Screw me in the daisies
Rip upon her holler
Snip the seas fantastic
Treat her like a sailor
Full and free and nervous
Out to make his fortune
Either this or that way
Sickly or in good health
Piss upon a building
Like a dog in training
Teach to heel or holler
Yodel on a sing song
Down upon the carpet
Tickle polyester
Sick within the parapet
Screwing for a dollar
Sucking on a fire-hose
Chewing on a rubber line
Tied to chairs and rare bits
Pay another player
Oh you’re such a good lad
Here’s another dollar
Tie him to the bedpost
Sick with witches’ covens
Craving for a raw meat
Bones upon the metal
Sick upon the circle
Down upon the carpet
Down upon the carpet
Down below the parapet
Waiting for your bidding
Pig upon the carpet
Tumenescent railroad
Neuro-anaesthesia analog
Ready for a good look
Drooling at the birches
Swinging from the birches
Succulent Nebraska

Velvet Underground


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