when it comes on your way
shaking and waving their little hands
you can’t do much but stare at it without any voice


‘Twas before dawn
You were undressed, waiting for the clock to strike your time
I couldn’t help but to lay down near the orchids and pray
Then, I could almost hear it’s bells coming closer in the night
She was now back to you
You wouldn’t feel so alone, not anymore.

Those days when the inner radio soliloquy was on and on driving you
completely insane was partially gone.
The sweet fragrance of your joy
Was more that I could ask for
Although it would not last long for this lack of colour and sounds around your own self.

Was more than heartbreaking
to watch yourself hiding those little pieces of your own puzzle
Just to have something to play with and go for.

In a while I would take your hand for a while and show you how cruel
the world can really be.


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